Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Voysing Bodaciously...

Today I have created the word Voysing -It is the name of the workshop series I am starting in November.  They will be writing workshops working with the concept of Voice.  The indegenous Oceanic peoples say 'If I can sing, I can speak my truth.'   Indegenous Africans say, 'If I do not sing, I do not have the breath to do the work'.  Song then gives one the energy to both speak one's truth, and to do the work.  In the workshops I will explore, with participants, the idea of

Voy –aging – journeys through our lives and our
       world using words and sound (think of the poem Ithaca);
Sing-ing – using our voices to be present and connect
       to our truths, creating the energy to do the work
Voy-Sing  - speaking and writing our truths and those
       of the characters and places we story about on our

Hence the name of the workshop Voysing Bodaciously...!  We start on the 2nd, and will work for 5 weeks around the theme of Creation.  Many Creation stories speak about the world coming into being through sound, song, the word and so I feel it is appropriate that the first VoySing workshop is about Creation.

If you are interested email me at namutebi@mweb.co.za 

Bodaciously me... Philippa

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